About Us

“When you take care of YOURSELF, you’re a better person for others. When you feel good about YOURSELF, you treat others better.”

- Author Unknown


Founded in 2020, Xquisitely Made Company was curated in the living room of an apartment in Parkville, Maryland by someone who would be known as “The Anxious Candle Maker”. Seeking an outlet to deal with the increase of her own mental health issues, Ashleigh Noelle found healing in candle making. A self-proclaimed aromachologist, Ashleigh researches every note of our fragrances to learn how they can serve as an aid to help offset minor mental health symptoms in conjunction with a healthy self-care & mental wellness regime.

Our soul mission here at Xquisitely Made Co is to make your space smell amazing while making you feel good too.

Please note - our products are NOT to be used in lieu of medical treatment or the advice of a medical or mental health professional. Please consult a licensed physician if you are struggling in any way. If you are feeling suicidal, or mentally unsafe - please call 911 or have a trusted person take you to the closest emergency room.
If you’re mentally struggling and just want to talk, call 988 from any line in US to get connected with a skilled, trained crisis worker.

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